About us – MeLuvKush (Mee – luhv – koosh) 

The word kush in Hindu means happiness. As parents and founders of MeLuvKushTM, our mission is to surround newborns with love and happiness. We witnessed this with our own children; the benefits of incorporating the ancient Indian heritage and culture into our everyday lives. So, we set out to do just that – sharing with other parents what has been shared with us.

We are 3 ambitious moms of South Asian heritage with diverse backgrounds. We joined forces and produced a product to show parents a new way to hold their happy baby. Our version of the godee was introduced to the US and Canada in 2013. The godee is proudly designed in NYC and made in Jaipur.

For more information and to see our full collection, please visit us at: http://www.meluvkush.com/shop/
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