godee / go-dhi' / गोदी

A New Way of Holding Your Happy Baby
— Meluvkush team
  • Derived from the Hindi word godhi, meaning ‘in your lap’.
  • Holds babies (0-6 months) in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Helps family and friends hold the baby securely and prevents from spreading germs.
  • Versatile: use as a changing pad, playmat and nursing aid.

The Godee – What is it?

The Godee was adapted from the traditional Indian word “godhi” meaning – in your lap. The godee holds your baby and provides a safe and comfortable surrounding. They are handmade with ultra soft cotton lined with polyfill and measures 18x30 inches and perfect for newborns up to 6 months of age / weight 5-12 lbs. You can use the godee to hold, pass, nurse, and bond with your newborn. The godee is so versatile it also makes a great changing pad. 

The Making of the Godee

There are two main aspects to every handmade godee:
The outer panel is 100% cotton fabric. The patterns (peacocks and elephants) are screen-printed using a technique known as the “wet-on-wet process.” This process is carried out on a cold-wax table and is done exclusively in Jaipur, India. All dyes used in our printing are eco-friendly. The inside design is created using a block-print made from a carved wooden block. The block is first dipped into the dye and then stamped onto the cotton fabric, which comes from the south of India.

Four talented women with traditional quilting expertise handcraft each and every “godee” in their homes outside of Delhi. They are handmade with love from begininning to end.


We love the vibrant, rich colors of India, and all our designs reflect the masterful textile art of the country. Drawing from the distinguished history of the sub-continent, especially the art of block printing, we incorporated India’s exotic wildlife into our designs, with of course, a New York twist!

Our parents have South Asian roots and instilled in us many traditions they grew up with. When we started having babies, our mothers hand-stitched thick blankets for our children known as a godhri (or “godee”). We each wondered why they had taken the time to make these, since we already had swaddle blankets and baby bassinets to keep the newborns in. It was easy to understand why – these handmade godhris worked like magic. Family and friends felt more comfortable holding the babies. The babies, too, were much happier in their new, enclosed and snug environment. As moms, we were ecstatic; the godee helped us, and others carry our babies safely without the fear if others washed their hands enough. The concept of MeLuvKush was born — a new way of holding a newborn!

A large part of why we created MeLuvKush is dedicated to two generations – our mothers who passed on a tradition to us and to their grandchildren. Our moms inspired us to pass on their secrets to others and we would never have even fathomed creating a product like this if we werent parents ourselves.