One of my preemie newborns had startling reflux and the godee came in handy at all times! Highly Recommend. Beautifully designed. A MUST HAVE for all my clients!
— Nydia ~ Nurse, Postpartum Doula, and "The Happiest Baby on the Block" Certified
Nydia Testamonial.jpeg
My baby girl loves the soft coziness of the godee and often falls asleep when she is held in it. I also found that my friends felt more confident holding her in the godee when they first came to meet her. I love taking it along with us when we go to friends’ houses so she can lounge in familiar comfort!
— Pam ~ New Mom in New York City
Pam Testamonial.png
What I really like about the godee is that it zips the baby in. The godee is a perfect because I don’t have to say ‘please take the blanket’. With the godee material being lightweight, you feel like the baby is being held safely, not going to roll off or have the excess blanket fall onto his face. Btw the print is gorgeous!
— Priya ~ New Mom in Orange County
I gifted the godee to new parents at a baby shower. They loved it, and so did all the guests. They hadn’t received anything like it. It seems like a product that will get a lot of use. The godee has become my staple baby shower gift at the moment!
— Sajal ~ Mom of 3 in Los Angeles